On the hillsides at twilight, in the forest at dusk, and on the heath after nightfall, we hope to find others like us. So we light our fires, and spend the night telling stories.

Many of us found our way to Pagan paths, while trying to find greater connection to our world, our past, and others. Unfortunately, our community is still quite small, and creating the above mentioned reality can be challenging. Additionally, there is no definitive source of information for most traditions. Any newcomer can spend seemingly endless hours researching the basics, only to have them contradicted in an instant. The problem here is not the difficulty of scholarship, but a lack of community to teach, share, and learn from. We all love to learn more about our paths, and its that passion that provides our traditions the greatest chance of survival. The next step, after research, is practice. Creating a living Paganism is after all, our dream. 

This website is here to provide a record and example, for myself and others, of my efforts to live a more holistic life as a Pagan in modern times. From the life-changing to the mundane, every moment is an opportunity for greater connection, and growth. As a living tradition, seemingly trivial acts of daily life have meaning, and our world is that much more connected to us. 

This blog will showcase my life as a Pagan, and a Gaelic Polytheist specifically. I hope that the message of increased vitality in our traditions transcends my specific practices.


Owen has been a practicing Gaelic Polytheist for the past 10 years, and currently a student at Sabhal Mor Ostaig. His current studies include Scottish Gaelic, as well as Gaelic Culture and History. He holds a BA in Western European History, Minoring in Forest Ecosystems Science. He lives on a small island off the New England coast.